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Pete Roberts

I have always been interested in Human Anatomy and Movement and have developed my work following a career as a Professional Drummer. The Art of Drumming requires connection with the Coordinative aspects of the limbs along a very strong core and laser pointed focus. To be able to deliver well, one has to be in the moment. In the last few years, I have gone back to playing Drums and have developed a teaching programme for Beginners through to more advanced players who are looking for ideas. Click below for more info





My work as Therapist and trainer began 24 years ago and I have been fortunate enough to travel the world with my work and enjoy some incredible experiences. My approach to Therapy is one of connection to the Body's inner wisdom, many injuries of a non impact nature are related to patterns development very early in life. Our physical Bodies mirror our belief systems about ourselves. We hold Traumas and experiences deep within our structures and these need to be felt and released in order for full healing to occur. The Therapies I use invite the Body to heal from within allowing new energy to be released into the system.

As we sit in the midst of the latest World Events in 2021 many individuals have experienced physical and emotional difficulty. In times of great threat we "armor" ourselves to survive. This can result in a huge physical constriction. At some point these blockages will need to be released form our bodies in order for balance to be restored. Physical Therapy will help achieve balance if used regularly over time.


I originally qualified as a trainer and Sports Therapist in 1997 and spent a few years gaining valuable experience in health clubs in and around the London area. I then branched out into freelance work and had periods working with the Lawn Tennis Association as onsite Physio for Satellite Tournaments in the UK.

I had my own experience of severe spinal trauma following corrective surgery on a Scoliosis of the spine in 2001. I had subsequent MRSA infections to deal with and indeed this was a deeply testing time which i managed to recover from albeit slowly and with patience. It was in this process that i discovered the Pilates method and how it could help me build my inner body first, contrary to many exercise methods which focus on more superficial gains.

After a period in Los Angeles I returned to the UK and began to teach the method in London clubs where i luckily picked up many clients as there were very few teachers around at that time.

I have added many different techniques to my approach to well being over the years including Thai Yoga Massage and the wonderful Trager method which i studied over an 8 year period with some of the world's leading influences in the field, most notably Jean Louis Marie and Gail Stewart, one of Milton Trager's original proteges.

I continue to learn and grow my approach gaining much influence from my wife, Yoga teacher Liz Lark who is a beacon of light and great knowledge.

Client Testimonials

"His amazing knowledge of the muscle system and professional awareness of special individual needs really motivates me to go further in my workout, and helps me to reach new goals. He takes one look at me and knows what i need to work on, which muscle needs to be either stretched or strengthened. Now his Pilates sessions are a valuable part of my Fitness. I would recommend him to anyone" Jonathan Zebina (Football player formerly Juventus FC and Roma)

"Pete has shown me techniques I will use not only during my career but for the rest of my life....he is amazing" Tiago Cordoso Mendes (Football Player, formerly Juventus FC)


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