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My Services are available in person or online via Zoom


I offer full Physiotherapy Services including Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Injuries aswell as Maintenance programmes including Bodywork techniques such as Remedial Massage, Thai Yoga Therapy and Trager Method.


I offer Physical training programmes for all individuals wishing to develop. I offer bespoke services to Athletes aswell as Actors and Actresses for preparation for specific physical roles within the industry.


Mindfulness is an invaluable technique based on ancient Buddhist practices which is simple in form and easy to learn. I offer one to one practices aswell as group sessions which will be running throughout the spring and summer from April. I will advertise dates here and they will be based in our lovely cabin in the Ashdown Forest. 



My wife, Liz Lark (Yoga teacher) and I co-host many retreats around the world, though obviously at the moment that has all gone awry! However, we are determined to get these back as soon as we can though we will have to see how Governments etc respond to this moment.

We are looking at running more UK based Freedom retreats so do watch this space for info.


I have recently set up a facility where I will offer Drum Lessons online and in person. I can help Beginners, through to more Intermediate and Advanced players looking for ideas. I have played Drums since I was 5 years of age and spent many years as a Professional player signed to Terence Trent D'arby's Management in London. Click below to go to my Drum website.

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