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Lower Back Pain and What to Do about It.

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Most Individuals suffer from Back Pain at some Point of life, but many are stuck in Chronic discomfort with seemingly no way out but surgery. But is that really the answer?

Back pain can be extremely debilitating, however there are many who overcome these issues with the correct approach to treatment.

Do you have Back Pain that has become chronic? Many individuals never look at the underlying emotional aspect of back pain and how that may be contributing to their plight.

Many people have experienced back pain at some point in life and this is rapidly becoming the norm rather that the exception as stress levels increase in the modern world. To heal back issues we need a multi faceted approach. We need to look at the physical behaviours of the body aswell as the emotional state of the individual and how they are able to handle difficulty and conflict. In a sense this is an opportunity to have a deeper look within ourselves.

"Instead of just taking medicine, we have to understand that we are the medicine"

Movement as Medicine

If we look at our movement patterns and how they have evolved over the years into more desk bound stasis with an hour or so of movement per day we can see how the Back problem endemic has come about. Our bodies are stuck and become blocked when seated for long periods. Even when we do move it takes a while to loosen the chains around our holding patterns that these positions result in. Traditional societies fair much better as far as physical patterns go. When working with the land movement is more natural and fluid, and the body enjoys more long term well being. Technology has changed that......

So when we are moving we need to pay attention to taking time to mobilise gently, using the breath as fuel for mobility and being more mindful of areas of stiffness and rigidity. Pilates and Yoga are great examples of incorporating more range and stability to the body and it's function. Much better than heading for the weights stack without preparation.


If our cars or things we own become long term problematic we either sell them or throw them out and replace them. Unfortunately we have been educated to treat our bodies as similar which often results in many individuals facing surgery to either chop things about or replace joints. If we look at how old cars can run for many years when they have been well maintained and cared for by their owners, we can see that a similar approach to our bodies would be good for our physical health. Bodywork can play an essential role in maintaining healthy balance. The sense of touch alone is extremely powerful for our well being. It is imperative we hold onto this inspite of the future which seems to be playing out in 2021 where people are becoming more isolated from each other. Never underestimate the power of Bodywork for your well being. Listen to your own needs and your body will thank you for it.


If we only treat Back Pain or indeed any physical pain as purely mechanical, then we are not truly addressing the real issue, much like pulling a weed from above ground. So we need to be honest with ourselves and ask what it is we are truly feeling. Again we have been conditioned to not feel, but rather surpress with drug therapy or distraction, hoping the ailments melt away on their own. Many just give up physical movement altogether as they become resigned to the fact that they have developed what is known in psychology as "learned helplessness". We are seeing much of this mindset in 2020/21 as those advising on health come from a standpoint of logic and linear thinking. Many of these individuals display their own deep issues that have never been addressed. So how can they possibly become an "expert" one asks? So it is important to know our own truth and integrate this awareness into ourselves. Only then will our bodies respond in a positive way.

So if you are suffering from Back Pain maybe use it as opportunity to have a look at addressing some deeper issues that are lying within. Get help where necessary and try to withdraw from anything that is not serving you. I personally cannot watch or listen to the media and their continual assault on our well being. It's unfortunate but it is me being true to myself. I cannot be drawn into the negativity. So ask yourself when CNN or BBC News are on, "is this really serving my deepest self?"

Pete (March 2021)

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